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When you want to go the extra mile, including some hospitality can add a little wow factor to your event.

RS Displays can tailor a package that compliments your presentation; helping generate a buzz around your exhibition stand to create positive and lasting impression with your visitors. Keeping you in the forefront of their mind, long after the exhibit closes its doors.

Incorporating hospitality is a key factor of a truly great customer experience.

Taking the same careful approach that RS Displays are known for, your project manager can arrange everything from onsite coffee machines, to a fully staffed juice bar.


Self Service to compliment your exhibition


If you want to keep it low-key and simple, a self-service package could fit into your overall exhibition strategy, and with minimal disruption. All whilst keeping your visitors refreshed.

We have a range of espresso machines that are easy to operate, and come with the highest quality coffee beans, or cartridges. Both will provide your visitors with excellent coffee. You can even opt for a refrigerated juice dispenser, just in case you want something a little more refreshing.

Our team will also offer full training on how to operate any self-service options. Ensuring you can help any customers that need assistance. Helping you to create that water cooler moment.


Go fully staffed to add that little something extra


When you want to go all out with your exhibition, you can’t go wrong with an all-inclusive package.

Let us bring your A-game with a fully staffed espresso bar, maned by highly skilled baristas.

Not a coffee lover, or just looking for something a little different? Why not opt for a manned juice bar, or smoothie station? A firm favourite during the summer months, and sure to draw the crowds.

Our friendly service team will be there to wow your visitors, and enhance your exhibition with winning customer service. Working with your exhibition, not just alongside it.


Let RS Displays lift your exhibition stand above the competition


We aim to provide your event with exceptional customer service, all as standard.

Our fully trained greeters, barista’s and juicers will be there to man the hospitality suite. Helping you to look after each and every visitor. Let us handle the drinks while you deliver the presentation.

Whichever package you opt for, with RS Displays providing your exhibition hospitality, you can create an experience that visitors will remember.



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