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So, everything’s ready for the big event. Your exhibition stand is a show stopper, you have a hospitality arranged, and you have the presentation all worked out.

All things considered, you’re feeling pretty good about the exhibition. The only thing left to do is to set everything up, and make sure all the parts fit together, as they should. But, what if you make a mistake, or you accidently break something in the rush to be ready on time?

Why not let our highly experienced site team take all the worry out of your exhibition preparation?

We’ll ensure a dry run build of your modular, or custom exhibition stand takes place before everything is packed away. Ready for us to transport your exhibition stand to the event.

Once everything has arrived, we’ll take care of everything. All you need to do is turn up.


Pre-build event checks as standard


We build your exhibition stand at the workshop, before packing everything away. This is so we can identify any potential build issued before the event, rather than once we arrive at the venue.

Any problems are dealt with at our workshop, and you’re invited to give the exhibition stand a final sign-off, before we hand over to logistics. Meaning you don’t have any nasty surprises on the day.


Event unpacking, building, and installation


Once your stand arrives at the venue our highly experienced site team will move everything to your stand, and begin unpacking all of the components. They’ll then build your entire exhibition stand, ready for you to come inspect the day before the show goes live.

Ensuring minimal stress, leaving you to concentrate on the presentation, and any finishing touches.


Dismantling at the end of the show


Once the event has come to an end you can relax in the knowledge that our experienced team will dismantle your exhibition stand, with the same care and attention they did when building it.

No late finish because you can’t remember how the stand is stored. No damage because you’re rushing to get home at the end of a long day. We stay behind so you don’t have too.


Transportation via logistics to your storage facility


Once we’ve dismantled your exhibition stand your equipment is transported, hassle free whether it’s by road, sea or air. We’ll then move everything into our 30,000sq.ft storage facility.

We’ve been helping clients install and dismantle their exhibition stand for over 21 years. Let our highly experienced team help you to have a hassle free exhibition.

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