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When you make the decision to put your company out there, and onto the exhibition circuit there’s more to think about than just exhibition stands. Everybody remembers the stand, as its central to your whole presentation, but what about lighting? What about the seating?

When you talk through your exhibition with a dedicated project manager, we can advise on everything you need to make your event a truly memorable experience.

Whatever extras you might need, we have onsite, and in stock.

We know there is no “off the shelf”, or “one size fits all” solution.

When it comes to lighting and audio, we also have the knowledge and experience to help.

Whether it’s from RS rental stock or through our trusted suppliers we can test all of the hardware before everything is packed up for the show. We’ll ensure you don’t get any nasty surprises, and that software is already installed on the actual hardware you will be using. No hiccups on the day just because hardware and software have never been tested together. Everything is installed and tested pre-show.

Our dedicated technical specialist will be more than happy to talk you through the different options that compliment your exhibition design.

But what about those seats mentioned earlier, and any other soft furnishings you may need?

With both functional, and executive level options in stock. We have a solution to fit every exhibition style, and any budget. Everything you need to make your event successful, and memorable.

In short we have the equipment, the furnishings, and the technology. We also have the expertise. RS Displays have everything you need to ensure a stellar event. We have your exhibition covered.

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